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Founder John Gordon for over 35 years has taken problem statements from various entities, in the areas of:

Energy, primary metal production, pollution control, consumer products, medical devices, electro synthesis, batteries, chemical sensors

Entities include: US Department of Energy, US Air Force, US Army, Asarco, Amax Magnesium, Air Products and Chemicals, S.C. Johnson Wax, Medtronic, Rubbermaid, Smith and Nephew, Ceramatec, Field Upgrading, Victoria's Secret

Over the course of 35 years Mr. Gordon has been issued 58 US Patents and has more pending, other technology solutions were held as trade secrets

Our Approach


Review or crystalize a problem statement: What do you need to solve?

Review prior art and landscape: What have others done? Search patents and literature. Identify shortcomings

Propose novel solutions: Most innovations from within an industry are incremental; breakthroughs typically come from someone outside who can understand what others have done but envision a breakthrough approach

Draft and review new patents

Why Us?


Founder John Gordon has a solid track record providing new concepts which were developed into commercial products and processes.

You own the new technology! JG Novel Solutions works on a confidential basis. Your problems are held confidential and so are the solutions. If the solution leads to a patent, you own the intellectual property.

Examples of patents to date include: Chemical and oil processing, Electro synthesis, Medical devices, Batteries, Micro fluid deliver


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